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We know this is not an exhaustive list, so if you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

What schools are in the service area?

We would provide care to K-5th grade students attending the following schools: 

  • Hartwood

  • Rocky Run

We are looking to add Falmouth, Conway, and Grafton Village pending interest and availability. We need a certain number of students from each school for viability. We would provide care to K-5th grade students outside the two listed above for full-day care only. If your child attends another school, we are available to provide childcare on teacher work days.

Will the hours change for next year?

We would follow Stafford County with bell schedules and start times. Currently, parents of students in SCPS are being surveyed about start times for students. 

Are discounts available?

Yes. Discounts are listed under "Rates." 

If the building is scheduled to be done September 6 and school is scheduled to start August 8, where does my child go?

We have a safe and secure temporary location in Hartwood and another location on International Parkway that is available for our use. 

If my middle school student wants to volunteer and is accepted, how do you they get to the facility?

Gayle Middle School is in our service area, which means that we would work on having a bus drop off students at our facility. Another option is for students to transported by their parents or carpool with another trusted family. 

Being connected to South Ridge Church, is BAC At The Ridge Christian?

We are thankful that we have a wide range of faith perspectives from campers and their families. Our lead staff and many of our counselors are committed to live a Christ-centered life. If a student has questions about faith, we talk with their parents about their questions. Our desire is to start or continue the conversation with the parents. We believe we are called to partner with parents.

Is there a dress code?

Students should follow the dress code of Stafford County Public Schools. They are encouraged to dress comfortably and appropriate to our standard of modesty. You never know what kind of activity we'll have going on at BAC At The Ridge, so for safety reasons, we ask that you send your child in tennis shoes. Again, we ask that as you pack those book bags, please be certain to label all of your children's clothing and items.​

Can my child bring food?

Your child may bring their breakfast with them for morning care. We will provide afternoon drinks and snacks. We highly recommend your student bring a name labeled water bottle to and from BAC At The Ridge each day. 

What does my child need to bring?

We provide afternoon snack. Parents, as you pack those book bags, please be certain to label all of your children's clothing and items. BAC At The Ridge is well prepared with action items and creative activities. Please leave favorite toys at home. We understand that some parents equip their children with a cell phone for contact purposes. Use of a cell phone is permitted with staff permission and primarily to contact parents. The most important item needed for each day is a healthy attitude ready to discover new things while interacting with others.​

Does the staff have experience with anxious students?

We do. You can expect a friendly, welcoming environment. Our commitment is simple: to provide a very safe and fun experience for your child.

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