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BAC At The Ridge offers students more than just a place to hang out until you get off work. In addition to receiving homework help, free play, and snack time, students participate in a variety of activities. The students spend the days learning, creating, discovering, and growing! 
BAC At The Ridge goes well beyond just watching students. We strive to unlock their potential and give them the love and care they need to become confident and thoughtful individuals. That means giving each child the encouragement, environments and materials they need to follow their passions and help them become the best they can be. No matter where their talents take them, we create positive communities of friends with activities and opportunities to help others. We provide plenty of free play to keep kids happy, bright, and healthy. 

Parents are responsible for providing laptops or tablets where their child can perform their daily tasks. We will provide internet access and assistance with logging on as help with any questions the students might have while overseeing their virtual learning. 


We stay on target by focusing on fun, participation, physical fitness, skill development and teamwork. Activities suitable to the physical abilities of the various age groups include: Gaga Ball, Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Bombardment, 9 Square in the Air, Wall Ball, Floor Hockey, Four Square, Spike Ball, and Kick Ball.

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