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Through our proven summer camp, Summer At The Ridge, in which we successfully offered before and after care, we are offering a before and after care program for our community. BAC At The Ridge is designed to offer kids in grades K-5th grade a different approach to before and after school care. With all of the innovative features of the facility and a staff, who will work closely with the kids to provide structure and support, BAC At The Ridge is a place your kids will want to be. We believe that it is important to provide a stimulating, encouraging, fun atmosphere where everyone is safe and treated with care and respect.

Bottom Line: At BAC At The Ridge, we are committed to invest in the hearts and minds of kids through fun and rewarding activities to help them grow and mature so they may be better prepared for full lives. Through collaborative activities and a fun atmosphere that kids are excited about, we'll find them making new friendships and learning valuable life skills.

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